United Energy began in 1982 as a cash broker of cargo, barge and pipeline physical products (gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel and residual fuel oil) for major oil companies, trading houses, electric utilities, airlines and other large industrial users. From our very early days as a cash broker United Energy has expanded and evolved with the age of electronic trading to meet the hedging and trading needs of our dynamic customers.

In 2005 United Energy was purchased by ICAP, the world’s largest inter-dealer broker. We now operate, as a full service Introducing Broker (IB) and a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Service. Our brokerage services include operations in the physical, cash, futures, options and OTC derivatives markets for crude oils, petroleum products, natural gas, coal, emissions and electricity. Our advisory services supports both brokerage and non brokerage clients. 

ICAP Technical Analysis

As a broker of energy commodities, our initial clientele faced the risk of unanticipated swings in energy prices. So our Technical Advisory Service focused on identifying the direction, extent and duration of the price trends in Crude Oil (WTI and Brent), Petroleum Products (Gasoline, Heating Oil, Ethanol and Gasoil), and Natural Gas on an intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly, and long term basis.

The days are long gone when energy prices can be forecast solely on the basis of energy supply and demand factors. As energy prices have become increasingly dominated by financial trends we have added coverage of major stock and commodity indices, currencies, metals and interest rates. Today, our expanded subscription services now cater to everyone from professional traders to active investors. This website serves as the gateway to our Technical Advisory Services